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Watermark binks

I'm testing the viewer.
I'm using the GroupDocs.Viewer.WebForm.FrontEnd showcase project.

I've added this line in the ViewDocumentAsHtml method to generate a Watermark

htmlOptions.Watermark = new Watermark("Watermark", Color.Blue, Domain.WatermarkPosition.Diagonal, 100);

When I run the project the document viewer shows the document and the watermark but then the watermark disappears

Can you help me?



Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

You will also have to set the watermark in GetDocumentPageHtml function in default.aspx.cs (as shown in this screenshot). Hope it will solve your issue. However, if the issue continues, please do let us know. We shall be looking forward to your feedback.

Warm Regards


Thanks. That worked out.



You are always welcome.

Warm Regards