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Watermark not working on some formats for viewer 3.2.2 for java


We have upgraded the viewer version to 3.2.2 and we’re having some issues with it. For example, the watermarking is not working properly for some formats when using image rendering.

We followed the instructions on
It works ok for pdf and image files, but it’s not adding any watermark to doc or xml files, for instance.

We also tried with the html engine, but the watermark doesn’t appear on the first page, and is not properly aligned. This, along with the excel issue is making our lives really hard with the new version.


Hi Fdariasm,

the watermarking is not working properly for some formats when using image rendering.
Unfortunately, using
this code snippet, we are unable to reproduce the issue. Word document is rendering to images along with proper watermark. Can you share the problematic documents/files, so that we can test them at our end.
Attached are the output files (images) generated from a word document.
As far as second issue is concerned, we are in contact with the concerned team as we get any update from them, we will notify you.

Best Wishes


The issues you have found earlier (filed as VIEWERJAVA-1206) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi, thanks for answering.

For us it’s not working with any docx file, for instance the one I attach. You can check with this project that’s based on the showcase for GroupDocs.Viewer-for-Java-Front-End. Just change the file path in document-viewer.jsp, and to match a valid location in the file system. For that word document, the watermark is not added but it works with PDF documents. You can also test the excel issue with the attached documents.


Hi Fdariasm,

Thanks for sharing the project.
the watermark is not added but it works with PDF documents
We investigated your project along with the Word document you provided, and unfortunately we are unable to reproduce this issue at our end, using Image based rendering. We changed the file paths (storage/temp etc) as per our needs.
Both Word and PDF documents are rendering properly along with the Watermarks. Kindly make sure you are maintaining temp files somewhere.We maintained storage/temp paths according to this article, you can also follow those common properties in your project.
Please see the following screenshots:
Image based rendering - Screenshot 1
Image based rendering - Screenshot 2
Furthermore, test the excel issue with the attached documents, we are successfully able to reproduce this issue at our end. This issue is already logged in our internal issue tracking system. As we get any update from the concerned team, we will notify you.

Many Thanks


Hi, thanks for your reply. But for us it’s just not working. I’m using exactly the same properties both for pdf and docx files, and it’s not working for docx but it does for pdf.

What are you doing differently in the same project?. I can’t see Screenshot 1 (access denied error), but in Screenshot 2, why are you using a different filePath in document-viewer.jsp: “Brookfield law school.docx” ?
I’m also using a valid license, other than that I honestly don’t know what’s the issue. If it’s the temp files dir it shouldn’t work for pdf either. I attach some screenshots for resulting viewer and generated temp dir.


Hi Fdariasm,

We tried to reproduce the issue again with the documents you shared. Please find the attached screenshots of the output and the temp dir.



Hi, yes it’s working for you. So what might be the issue? can you please share a Screenshot for ?

I also tried with version 3.2.1 but got a lot of unresolved dependencies. Please see attached screenshot.


Hi Fdariasm,

Please find the attached screenshots and note that we are generating output using your own project. We committed a change in the project folder. In order to keep track of the temp files, we created a new folder “storage” (src/main/webapp/storage/temp).
Can you try it this way, I hope it will resolve your issue.

Keen to hear from you.
Best Regards