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Watermark Opacity 3.3.0



According to the release notes for 3.3.0 we should now have the ability to set the watermarkOpacity. I have tried various ways to set this but see no result. What am I missing?

I have tried using the following values:
watermarkOpacity: 50,
watermarkOpacity: ‘50’,
watermarkOpacity: .5,
watermarkOpacity: ‘.5’,

// initiate groupdoc viewer
filePath: ‘’,

// defaults
preloadPagesCount: 3,
zoomToFitWidth: true,
showZoom: true,
useHtmlThumbnails: false,
showHeader: true,
showPaging: true,
showFolderBrowser: false,
useHtmlBasedEngine: true,
usePngImagesForHtmlBasedEngine: true,
usePdfPrinting: false,

// watermarking
watermarkPosition: ‘Diagonal’,
watermarkText: ‘CONFIDENTIAL’,
watermarkColor: ‘’,
watermarkWidth: 100,
watermarkOpacity: 50,

height: 600,
width: 500



Hi Robert,

Thanks for posting your query.

Please note that watermarkOpacity using JavaScript parameter is not yet implemented in our sample open source front end applications. However, you can use following C# code in your application to apply watermark opacity. Please see the code below:

Color halfTransparentBlue = Color.FromArgb(255 / 2, Color.Blue);

// Set watermark properties
Watermark watermark = new Watermark(“This is watermark text”);
watermark.Color = halfTransparentBlue;

In this code, first parameter of  Color.FromArgb() represents opacity. Please try the above code and share your experience.

Warm Regards


Thanks, I will give that a shot.


Hi Robert,

You are always welcome.

Best Regards


Dear Customer the logged front end issue in our support JIRA as GDFRONT-24 has been logged at GitHub. Please click here for future correspondence and further updates regarding this issue.


Hi Robert,

Your requested feature, logged on GitHub as, has been implemented in ASP.NET_MVC_Front_End. Please download the latest source code from GitHub.

Best Regards