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What are .NET document conversion API limitations

Hi team,

We are contacting you regarding some doubts about the groupdocs conversoin library:

1.- Is there any limitation regarding the page number and size that can be processed as a maximum?

2.- In case there is no such limitation, is there any suggestion or good practice that you can tell us to handle in our applications about size and number pages allowed?

We look forward your comments.

Thanks and regards.


No, as long as you have a subscription/valid license. Otherwise, you will face evaluation limitations.

Please have a look at this developer guide. There are a lot of ways to handle large files. For instance, you can convert half number of pages in one go and other half in second.
Or in case of large excel sheets, you can do partial conversion or you can improve conversion by skipping empty rows and columns.
We’d recommend you to go ahead, start evaluating the API and let us know in case of any issue.