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What could be format of text when stamped using Java

Must the text be PDF when I stamp? Is the text editable?


Please have a look at this article. All supported file formats are given along-with supported signature type. Can you please further elaborate your requirements?

@atirtahir3 Thanks for your reply.
Front-end operation: there is a row of stamp pictures on the left, and an HTML editor on the right. I load my text into the editor, and drag the left-hand stamp picture into any position of the editor with the mouse. Back-end operation: merge the text and the stamp picture according to the picture coordinates,Can you provide sample code . Thanks again!!

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Please note that GroupDocs.Signature for Java is a stand-alone, UI-independent API that could be integrated in any of your Java (Existing or New) application without any dependency. We do have open-source UI projects for your ease. You can explore them or amend them as per your needs. For example have a look at this demo video. You can download this project from GitHub.

@atirtahir3 Thanks very much sir, I know the GroupDocs.Signature for Java is a stand-alone,Front-end operations are part of the user experience,The actual stamping of documents is in the backend API,Can you tell me how to enter the position coordinates in the API interface so that the stamp is stamped where I want.


This is how you adjust stamp signature position:

StampSignOptions options = new StampSignOptions()
      // set stamp signature position
      Left = 100,
      Top = 100,

Please have a look at the below documentation articles:

@atirtahir3 Let me try,thanks very much!


You’re welcome.