What shortcode do I use in my word template so the client can fill out their own data?


Currently when we want to add the client’s signature to our word templates we use “CLIENT SIGNATURE:”

Is there a short code that I can put in my word templates so that the client can type in their own credit card # and billing info before they sign the envelope?



Thank you for your question. I will check it with our Product team and then return to you.

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I have recently found a short code which is very easy to add with the existing code and which was very simple also. The tutorial for this new code can be easily collected from the thesis writing service


Hi again,

Thank you for your patience. I have checked it with our Product team and found out that the GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud doesn’t has such feature currently but we can add it as a new feature if you will provide more info about what you need and how it should work. For example should it be some sort of an input field (placeholder) where the user data will be entered after signing or this info should be added to the signature.

Please provide detailed description for this feature and I will discuss it with Product team.

Also will be very useful if you will provide an example of the word template with the “CLIENT SIGNATURE:” short code that you use.

Thank you.

Thanks @Pavel for the answer this is not 100% satisfied answer but still appreciable, because here I saw the admin of the forum spend his time to sought out user problems and give them the best solution for the problem.
I am working for dissertation blog, In recent, I wrote "Tips for Writing Dissertation" so I also want to enable comment section for users to help and give an answer to their queries.



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