When Fomratting details are being stripped

Hi Team,

I have been formatting a resume and when formatted we see some information is being stripped.

FYR attached the resume and the template.

Thanks,Archive.zip (413.9 KB)


Check for 2 lines below in the resume
PM for Travis Perkins existing branches internal and external refurbishment.
PM for Travis Perkins new and refurbishment of existing tool hire branches.

now format the resume with the template UK CV coversheet.
FYR the template has the whole body listed in it this means it should paste the complete resume.



Thank you for your inquiry. In order to investigate the issue, we need following details form you:

  1. GroupDocs.Editor platform (.NET or Java)
  2. Version of the API

Please share steps you are following to format the the resume using this API.


Please find below the details.

. net - 18.7.0

  • java it is 17.9



We have processed your provided resume using GroupDocs.Editior for .NET API but no information is stripped. Can you please further elaborate your scenario?

Also, we would require following details form you for further investigation:

  • Are you evaluating our open-source projects for Java and .NET?.
  • A simplified sample project that could be used to reproduce this issue.
  • Steps you followed to format the resume.

Please specify the details and we’ll be glad to help you.