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When i add the GroupDocs.Viewer.jar in my project it gave me "corrupted jar" in trial version


I do all the steps in your documentation

1- install maven
2-run the command
3-i integrate the viewer for java into java web project in netbeans like in the next link:
4- in step i which i add the GroupDocs, , it gave me error message that the jar is corrupted

i want to know what is the issue ,and how can i fix it ?
thank you ,


Thank you for interest in GroupDocs. Sorry to see you have this problem. We’ve checked the library and provided samples – everything seems to be ok. Please, make sure you’ve got the latest version of the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java library ( and the sample code is updated as well (

In case you have everything ok with versions and the problem still is present, please specify steps to reproduce this error, as well provide info about your environment (OS, Java version, Servlet container and its version).

P.S. Actually, maven is not necessary for the sample you linked in the post. That one is build using Ant, if you are interested, you can check Spring and Dropwizard samples. They are built with maven.