Where we can get the list of FileTypes supported to Convert to PDF by GroupDocs.Version for the version we are consuming

Hello Team, is there any method or site to check the list of files supported for converting to PDF using GroupDocs.Conversion for a particular version.

also any DEMO site as well to test the conversion for a particular version?

Could you please share an example or more details? Are you talking about source file’s particular version?
However, take a look at the supported file formats.

What I meant is if we GroupDocs.Conversion package the link you have given will provide the support formats of latest version right?

If I want to check for a particular version of Conversation supported files how we can check that… same with demo site as well


I am afraid but there are no details on supported file formats API version-wise. Could you please share details on your conversion type (what source files you are trying to convert to PDF) and we could provide you information.
By the way, we encourage you to use our latest API version if you are going to evaluate the API.