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Which product should be used for my requirement


Hi Team,

We are developing an internet based application where public users are allowed to upload the documents (doc, xls, jpeg, pdf, ppt etc…). Upon upload of the docs, the public users should be able to view the documents in HTML format regardless of the document format uploaded (we are considering only formats that are supported by groupdocs). We want the users to be able to view the documents though the relevant software is not installed on their client machines (For example. PDF reader for PDF documents, MS office for MS docs etc). Could you please advise which product/component of Groupdocs we can use for this?


Hi ,

Thank you for showing your interest in GroupDocs Products.

We suggest you to use our Next Generation GroupDocs.Viewer API to fulfill your mentioned requirement. This product will cover almost all of your requirements with some other exciting features. Please click here for further details about GroupDocs.Viewer.

If you will need further information regarding GroupDocs.Viewer please create thread on relevant forum for more appropriate solutions. Please click here for GroupDocs.Viewer Support Forum.

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