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Why does the comparison creates a color result?


We are looking into the resultant comparison of two word document and we noticed a couple of things:

1. The result file does not consistently show color differences. Why? Please see attached screenshot.

2. Although there are style changes, the summary does not show the number of styling changes. Please see screenshot.

Are there any particular configuration that needs to be setup?




Hi Leo,

I will reply on your questions in same order as you asked them.
1. Yes, we have reproduced the issue and we will resolve it - you can check it’s status via attached bug ticket
2. As for the color highlighting - Comparison library mark with blue color added text (the text which was added in the target file) and with red color we mark the deleted text (text which was deleted in the target file)

We will notify you when the fix for the style changes detection will be released.

Thank you.


Thanks, Pavel.

Looking forward to the fix.

Where is the attached bug ticket?

Also, you mentioned about the update/delete but what about the green, which is styling changes?

I did change the styling but there is no indication. What constitute a styling change?




Hi Leo,

Thank you for coming back. The bug ticket you can see attached to the first post of this thread as shown on this screenshot (if you don’t see it - refresh the page could be the cache).

As for the style change indication - yes with green will be marked the style changes when this feature will be fixed.

Thank you