Why only 3 Excel sheets are converted to PDF using groupdocs converter

Hello Team,
When I pass a xlsx file having 10 pages, I see only first 3 pages are converted to pdf.

We do have license but we don’t have active subscription, which is not yet approved. Is that the reason of such behavior? Or is there anything wrong with below code.

SpreadsheetLoadOptions loadOptions = new SpreadsheetLoadOptions();
Converter converter = new Converter(excelfile.getAbsolutePath(),() -> loadOptions);
converter.convert(output, options);

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Can you kindly provide the resulting/converted PDF file? Are you also experiencing the presence of an evaluation watermark on the top of the pages in the output PDF?

Here is the exceltoPDF converted file. I do not see evaluation watermark anywhere.

convertExcelToPDF.pdf (117.8 KB)


Could you please also share the source/problematic Excel file? Also specify the API version that you are using.

It seems I can’t upload xlsx file as an attachment here. Getting error,“Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, zip, pdf, docx, 7z).”

The excel sheet which I am trying has 13 worksheets within it.

Groupdocs conversion version 22.8 is being used.

We can’t use groupdocs conversion version 23.5 or 23.2 or 22.12.1 or 22.11 versions because of the issue reported in another issue:

xlsx file attached as 7z:

sampleexcel.zip (89.7 KB)

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