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Windows work fine- but doesn't work in Linux (Cent OS)

My local works fine, but it doesn’t work when I tried to deploy this to our Linux server.

I printed all these 3 key configuration in Linux server, they can be read correctly in server log.

I did a source code research and log:

the error is happened in below method,

AnnotationHandler.viewDocumentHandler(request, response);

and only return message “java.lang.NullPointerException” without any detail information

Hello, there, thank you for interest in GroupDocs.

Please, provide more information about your use-case. Did you use some example (Servlet, Spring, Dropwizard), which one it was?
How did you configure the Annotation library, where there some code modifications? (Can you provide your code project?)
Also, additional info would be helpful (Java version, servlet container or application server version).