Word doc with text boundaries

We are using groupdocs to convert PDF to Doc. Initially, it was fine but in recent conversion, word document has a boundary over every paragraph. Which is causing difficulty in editing doc for our customers.

We need an urgent response to this. So that we can switch to a different tool soon if there is no solution.

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Please share following details and we’ll look into this scenario:

  • API platform that you are using (Java or .NET)
  • API version (e.g. 20.10, 21.1)
  • Source and output files
  • Sample code you wrote for this conversion


  • Platform is Django/Python
  • groupdocs-conversion-cloud==21.4.1



    convert_api = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.ConvertApi.from_keys(app_sid, app_key)
    file_api = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.FileApi.from_keys(app_sid, app_key)
    settings = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.ConvertSettings()

    settings.file_path =str(pdfpath)
    settings.format = "docx"
    settings.output_path = "asknd.docx"

    loadOptions = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.PdfLoadOptions()
    loadOptions.hide_pdf_annotations = True
    loadOptions.remove_embedded_files = False
    loadOptions.flatten_all_fields = True

    settings.load_options = loadOptions

    convertOptions = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.DocxConvertOptions()

    settings.convert_options = convertOptions

    request = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.ConvertDocumentRequest(settings)
    response = convert_api.convert_document(request)`
  • Sorry, Files cant be attached as they are legal documents. But as I explained earlier we are converting PDF to Word document. I have uploaded a image of the actual issue.Screenshot from 2021-09-23 23-38-15.png (18.6 KB)

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