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Word documents comparison issue in .NET

(Internal support reference: bug 16375) (113.7 KB)
2errorlines.png (11.2 KB)

Comparing file x.V.13.x to x.V.14.x in the zip gives exception.
Using the online comparison also fails (with no info,
Suspected error creating content for these 2 documents are in the picture file in the attachments

Error occurred in comparing Word documents
at .( [] , [] , CompareOptions , )
at . ( , CompareOptions , SaveOptions )
at GroupDocs.Comparison.Comparer.(Document , Document , CompareOptions , SaveOptions , )
at GroupDocs.Comparison.Comparer.Compare(Stream document, SaveOptions saveOptions, CompareOptions compareOptions)
at GroupDocs.Comparison.Comparer.Compare(Stream document, CompareOptions compareOptions)
at Canea.Common.DocumentFormat.Standard.DocumentContentComparer.Compare(NamedFileDataStream oldestDoc, NamedFileDataStream newestDoc) in C:\CANEA.NET\Framework\dev\Common\Common.DocumentFormat.Standard\DocumentContentComparer.cs:line 42
at Canea.Framework.BLL.Docpoint.Document.DocpointDocumentComparisonHandler.RunComparison(NamedFileDataStream oldestDocument, NamedFileDataStream newestDocument) in C:\CANEA.NET\Framework\dev\Lib\FrameworkLib\BLL\Docpoint\Document\DocpointDocumentComparisonHandler.cs:line 187

compare options:
DetectStyleChanges = false, GenerateSummaryPage = false
(HeaderFootersComparison = false has no effect on this bug)

using (var comparisonService = new Comparer(oldDoc.DataStream))
Stream result = new MemoryStream();
comparisonService.Compare(result, CompareOptions);

Aspose.PDF 19.9.0
Aspose.Words 19.10.0
(Aspose.Calc 19.10.0)

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We’ve reproduced this issue using GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 20.4.2. Hence, it’s been logged in our internal issue tracking system with ID COMPARISONNET-2319 for further investigation and resolution. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.

also reproduced with 20.1.0




We have an update on COMPARISONNET-2319. There’s some issue with the problematic Word file (RIK-01671-v.14.0 Delegation och VerkstДllighet - riktlinje fФr SLSO.docx ). When we change something in this file, we have a proper comparison result. Please download these (170.4 KB) (source, target and result). The error looks like somewhere in the table. Because, before table begins, the comparison is successful. Please try to compare the attached source and target files and let us know if you face issue in them.

Yes, that seems to be true. The file 2errorlines.png was missleading.
So we are in agreement on what “word-thing” that seems to result in a comparison error in this case


Yes, that’s issue in the Word file.