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WordPress includes its own version of jquery, which has been rigorously tested with WP and many of the most common plugins. In order to provide the best compatibility and experience for our users, we ask that you not package your own (especially not an older version) and instead use wp_enqueue_script() to pull in WordPress’s version.

Please review http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_enqueue_script and update your plugin accordingly.

Keep in mind: Offloading the default jquery and other scripts to Google is similarly disallowed. If your code doesn’t work with the built-in jQuery, it’s most likely a noconflict issue. If you can’t guess, we -really- want you to use our jquery, and if you can’t, we need to know why so we can fix things for everyone.

When you’ve corrected your code, reply to this email with the updated code attached, or provide a link to the new code.


Hi Sergey Z,

Please follow up the two requests from WordPress.Org when you have time today.

Many thanks,


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