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WordProcessingLoadOption is not working

When I try to convert a docx to pdf with:

using (Converter converter = new Converter(wordFile, () => new WordProcessingLoadOptions
            UpdateFields= true
            PdfConvertOptions options = new PdfConvertOptions();
            converter.Convert(pdfFile, options);

Field Codes like {FILENAME \p} are not loaded and converted to text

When this option is on default/disabled you get the stored information but not the updated one.


Could you please share more details on this scenario? Also share the sample file and functional example project.

test.docx (15.3 KB)
tmp.pdf (113.8 KB)

This docx file has a Field Code in the Header, Body and Footer. When I chose to load it with “WordProcessingLoadOptions” and set “UpdateFields = true” and convert it to PDF then only the Field Code in the Body shows up but isn´t updated. The Field Codes in the Header and Footer are not shown at all.

The code I used to perform the conversion is in the main post.

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