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Workflow in Signature library


Hi Team,

I am trying GroupDocs signature library .Net

How can I define the workflow?

Which part of the document to be filled by which user. Can I define it before sending documents to the user?


Hello Amit,

In order to understand the workflow of the GroupDocs.Signature for .NET in general, we suggest you to download a “GroupDocs.Signature C# Demos” package, which contains a “MVCPrepareFieldsFluent” sample project.
The workflow that is present in a “MVCPrepareFieldsFluent” project is exactly like this:
1) setup document and recipient in code behind
2) then the user is redirected to a prepare screen where he can add and setup the fields he need. Here is a screenshot of the “prepare screen”.
3) once “Save fields” is clicked, the fields that are already setup are saved
4) the user is redirected to a sign screen where he can see the original document with fields he has set up on step 2

Of course, in “real life” a user, who adds and defines the fields on the prepare screen, and a user, who fills and signs them, may be (and in most cases are) the different users.

You also can obtain coordinates of the signature fields. “FluentSignature.Document()” method returns a new document instance, like an object-oriented wrapper around the document and its fields. If you want to obtain exact coordinates of the fields from the “prepared” document, you should get this existent document using the next line of code:
Groupdocs.Data.SignatureDocument doc = Groupdocs.Web.UI.Signature.GroupdocsSignature.GetDocument(documentGuid);
This “doc” document has all the properties, including list of fields with list of locations. And on this screenshot you can see where exactly are located document coordinates.

We also suggest you to take a look on this article.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.