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Workflow Question 2

I came across this post.

The situation I want is slightly different from the two described there.

I would like a unique document built from a template to signed and populated by different parties. So I basically want a unique form that is generated from a template.

Hi again,

Thank you for asking. Could you please describe what you mean under unique form and unique document, do you mean that the form should be generated dynamically by parsing the fields from the template? If yes - please check our live demo example for how to.

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We have a template that has some place holder fields that we want to fill in through api, so that makes this document unique document (I think). The person we send it to is supposed to fill in some fields and sign the document, so that would be a unique form (I think… again).

Or should we…

Use a template to create another template and use that template to create and envelope?

Or …

Use a template to create a document and use that document to create and envelope?

Where is the distinction between the fields that we provide data for in a document and the field that are for the signer to fill in?

I dont see my userid in the api section. Is it the clientId?

UserId == ClientId

Moving on…

Back to my original workflow question. I think example 44 is closer to what I want achieve. It looks like I need to create a document through the merge api. Take this document and create an envelope with the desired fields for my signer to fill in.


Thank you for coming back. Yes, you are right, please use this workflow.

If you will have more questions or any issues please feel free to contact us.

Best regards.