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Wrong content placement while converting XLSX with Letter page size to PDF

We’ve got some interesting behaviour using GroupDocs.Conversion 21.2.0.
We are trying convert XLSX document with Letter page size (21,59sm x 27,94sm) to PDF, and actually each cell has wrong scale and placement.
image.png (32.8 KB)
We expected to have converted document, that looks like in Excel print preview menu.
image.png (14.4 KB)
The problem can be reproduced with Groupdocs.Conversions Life Demo.
We’ve spent some time playing with different combinations of OnePagePerSheet in SpreadsheetLoadOptions and Width / Height in
PdfConvertOptions, but PDF just change its global scale and still have wrong cells alignment.
We didn’t noticed this kind of problem with A4 page sized documents.

Document to reproduce the problem:
AttacСчет (11.0 KB)

Here is the code snippet we use:

public byte[] SaveAsPdf(string fileName, byte[] content, bool isSplitUnstructured = false)
	if (content.Length > _maxFileSize)
		throw new EdsException("ER-10540", Errors.ER10540, fileName);

	var converterOptions = new SpreadsheetLoadOptions
		OnePagePerSheet = isSplitUnstructured,
		OptimizePdfSize = true,

	var pdfOptions = new PdfConvertOptions
		PdfOptions = new PdfOptions
			OptimizationOptions = new PdfOptimizationOptions
				RemoveUnusedObjects = true,
				RemoveUnusedStreams = true,

	using (var outputStream = new MemoryStream())
	using (var inputStream = new MemoryStream(content))
	using (var converter = new Converter(() => inputStream, () => converterOptions))
		converter.Convert(() => outputStream, pdfOptions);

		return outputStream.ToArray();


We’re investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONNET-4623. We’ll notify you in case of any update.