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.xls files not displaying evaluation edition

Me again!

I am currently playing with the ASP.NET_MVC_Front_End example from github and have encountered a problem.

.xls / .xlsx files just do not appear at all and I receive the attached error. The file is not set to read only or anything like that so I am wondering where the permission is set?

Any ideas where I am going wrong?


Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

In order to investigate the issue at our end, we would require you to provide us following details:

  • Version of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET you are using
  • Rendering mode (HTML based rendering or Image based rendering)
  • Problematic .xls/.xlsx document
  • Browser details

We shall be looking forward to your response.

Warm Regards

The runtime version of GroupsDocs.viewer is v2.0.50727 (the example on github)

I am using attempting to view using the html rendering mode.

I cannot send you the .xlsx file due to the attached issue : )

This document does not show in all browsers but only IE 11 causes the breaking.


Thanks for your response.

You can try to completely clear the cache of your browser and check if the issue is resolved at your end. However, if the issue persists, you can share the problematic document using some cloud storage i-e Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Looking forward to your response.

Warm Regards