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XLXS to PDF conversion, get 100 rows per PDF page using Java

Hello Support,
I have XLSX sheet and it has 20K rows and i want to convert it to PDF .
it should be converted like 100 rows per PDF page including all columns in it.

I found
CellsLoadOptions loadOptions = new CellsLoadOptions();
but how to identify existing cell range (A1:B3) in sheet ? and cell-load options are also deprecated .

also what if sheet has multiple worksheets.
it works saves one page as one worksheet but
i want to convert sheet to single PDF like for each work-sheet in sheet such that one PDF page contains 100 rows.

it could work if it is possible to detect existing cell ranges in sheet using group-docs.
for example sheet has 1000 rows then range is A1:D1000 (has 3 colums A,B,C,D)
then each PDF page contains
page-1 : A1:D100
page-2 : A101:D200
page-3 : A201:D300 …and so on

i am using java1.8 and groupdocs 19.10


can you please give me solution for this problem.

Thank you,

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We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONJAVA-946. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.