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Convert EML with Attachments to PDF using Java

Hi, Is this fix in? Am evaluating GroupDocs for this purpose of how to convert EML with attachments to pdf using Java. Can you please assist?

Hi, am trying to do the same convert EML file with attachments to 1 PDF file using Java version. Is this possible?


Save EML attachments when converting to PDF using Java

In email load options you can set convert owner and convert owned to true. And save/convert attachments as well. Pass load options to the Converter class.

EmailLoadOptions emailLoadOptions = new EmailLoadOptions();

As far as conversion of an EML file with multiple attachments to single PDF is concerned, we are looking into this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONJAVA-1462.

Thank you, will wait to hear from you.

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We’ll surely notify you in case of any update.


You may find following documentation articles helpful:

Converting attachments to 1 single PDF is not possible. API doesn’t support such a feature. However, all attachments could be converted to multiple outputs (depending on number of attachments).