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DOC to PDF conversion using International Fonts in Java


I’m trying to get international fonts to render on a word doc to pdf conversion. As it stands many foreign(to me) language characters show up as squares instead of the appropriate character. This happens when converting from a word doc to a pdf. I’ve loaded the basic google fonts package, Noto, and some proprietary fonts. Conversion for Java is running within a docker container based on Ubuntu. Samples attached.


Thanks for trying GroupDocs.Conversion for Java and posting your concerns.
Can you please share following details:
  • Which version of the API you are evaluating?
  • Can you please share the problematic file with us?
We’ll appreciate your cooperation.
Best regards


‘com.groupdocs’, name: ‘groupdocs-conversion’, version: '16.10.1’

Problematic file attached. This is one sample, but we’re having problems across any non-western fonts.



Thanks for sharing the problematic file.
Are you able to reproduce same issue using latest version of the API 17.3.0 in your environment? If yes, can you please share the exception/error details/log with us?

Have a nice weekend ahead!
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I updated to 17.3.0 and get a different, but still problematic output. The characters simply don’t appear now, no square indicators. Attaching file.

There are no errors being reported during the conversion process. The only messages in log are from the wrapper around the conversion lib, and aren’t particularly helpful. If you absolutely need the information I can provide samples, but will have to do a little work to redact urls and such. Let me know.

Thanks, and have a great weekend too!


Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
It seems to be a font configuration/integration issue in the environment. However, we’ve raised your scenario with the concerned team. Its been logged in our internal issue tracking system with ID:CONVERSIONJAVA-422. As we get any update from them, you will be notified.

Best regards


Your issue is fixed in API version 19.6.2. We are getting (1.1 MB) output.


We’re trying to convert pdf-doc and then back to doc-pdf. The first conversion to doc is okay, but once doc is converted back to pdf, only squares with question marks appear.

Language: Japanese
Programming Language: Java
Version: 19.10.3



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