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DOCX to PDF Conversion: Option to create bookmarks

Hello Team,

We are using the GroupDocs.Conversion 22.6.0 NuGet Package for .NET.
I’m currently testing the GroupDocs.Conversion functionality and I want to convert a DOCX file to a PDF with automatically created bookmarks for every heading. There is such an option when you convert a DOCX to a PDF in Word: image.png (1.9 KB).

I couldn’t find an option to do this with GroupDocs.Conversion.
In the feature list of GroupDocs.Conversion there is a point about bookmarks, so I think there is probably an option to do so.
image.png (4.8 KB)

Now my question: Is there such an option? And if yes, how can I do it?

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

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We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONNET-5346.

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