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Editor-for-Java error saving Word document

We were getting errors while tried to save a Word document, with nested list on the html content.

error: Only LI element or transparent element can be added as child to this ‘ul’ element, but not the given ‘com.groupdocs.editor.htmlcss.a.b.b.d’ element
Parameter name: newElement

project: GroupDocs.Editor-for-Java-Spring
JAVA version: 11
groupdocs-editor.version: 22.6

class: EditorServiceImpl
method: saveDoc

HTML content:

Nested List
  • List 1
    • Sublist A
    • Sublist B


Please try this Spring application. It usese lastest API version. Let us know if issue persist.

Trying with that demo threw the same exception.

li-error.PNG (69.3 KB)


Could you please also share the problematic Word file? We’d appreciate if you share a screencast/GIFF of steps using that issue could be reproduced.

Hi, the problem is when I copy some nested list from google docs.

ul-structure.png (36.1 KB)



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Thanks for the details. We have logged this issue at GitHub. Please keep track of this issue link. However, we’ll notify you here as well in case of any update.


Please take a look at our response here on GitHub.