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Error opening converted Document

When opening converted document at page 24, the error "An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem." occurs. Document and code samples are attached. Project type - Web Forms. Library version is



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. I have opened both pdf’s documents in the Adobe Acrobat and there is no any errors (scroll through all pages). Could you please provide more info for how to reproduce the error and share the source document (which you have converted in to the pdf).

Thank you.



Please find attached the source word document and the converted PDF.

There are 2 issues in this PDF document:
1: The error Adobe reader throws when viewing page 24
2: The content on page 24 is not the same as the source Document

This issue has been replicated in Adobe Reader X version 10.1.16. It normally happens when scrolling through pages 23 - 25. Opening the PDF in Chrome or Nitro Pro 8 does not show the error. Please note that I do not get this error today, but it was freely reproducible over the past week.

You can see in the word doc that page 24 has 2 graphics and several dot points. However in the PDF the graphic is stretched on page 24 and the first half of the page has been shifted up to page 23. This is a similar issue to the error I raised in thread #9582, linked below.

Please review the other thread and the attached files and advise.




Thank you for the examples. I have tested it with the Conversion 1.10.0 and the only issue I can see is that that the first half of the page 24 has been shifted up to page 23. I will create the ticket for it and our Product team will check it.

Please try to use the latest version of the Conversion library and notify me with the results.

Thank you.



The version on the downloads page you linked me earlier is the same version we are currently running. We were supplied with this same version in thread #9582.

Do you have a later build that will include this fix?

Thank you!


Hi Steven,

I use Conversion - it’s the latest version. I have converted your file example with out using your code which adds the footer to the document - since that I can assume that you have such issues because of it. I have tried to use your DocumentService class but since you have a lot of dependencies (which I don’t have) and I don’t have example of how you call this class - I can’t use it. Will be very useful (if possible) if you share with me example project with this class and which I can run.

Thank you.


I can’t attach new code examples, see following error:

Server Error

404 - File or directory not found.

The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.


Hi Steven,

Please use cloud storage service (Google Drive, DropBox etc.) for sharing the example and then simply share the link via which I can download it.

Thank you.




Thank you for sharing. I have debuged your example and can confirm that the issue reason is in your code which add the footer “AddFooterToPdf” function. Please check this screencast for more info. As you can see I have deleted the result pdf then converted the source docx and tried to open the pdf in the Acrobat Reader - all works fine, then I make step over the “AddFooterToPdf” function and tried to open the pdf again - error acquired.

Since that please debug your code or contact support team of the “PdfSharp” library.

Best regards.


Could you, please, tell the version of PDF specification you are using for conversion?


Hi Steve,

I have used your project example with out any changes. Please to debug your app and open result pdf after each operation such as convert and add footer.

Best regards.



It turns out, that GroupDocs uses one version of PDF, while PDF Sharp uses another.
And so output of GroupDocs can not be used by PDF Sharp.
So my question is: what version of PDF is output by GroupDocs?


Hi again,

The pdf version is 1.5.

Best regards.

Page 23-24 diplacement is not the only error: see Fig 9 on page 24. Corrupted version was converted without adding footer after.
And how can I see progress about format issue?



The ticket attached to the first post in this thread - when it’s status will be changed you will see it here

Best regards.


Hello Pavel,

Would you be able to provide any details around potential ETA on the resolution for this issue?



Hello Stiven,

Thank you for the question. Sorry but according to our support policies we doesn’t provide any ETA.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Pavel,

Could we have an update on the situation please? Is this issue still being addressed?

Thank you!


Hi Steven,

Thank you for the request. Yes, this issue still in our queue. When the new version will be released you will get automatically notification here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.