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Group Docs Signature UI Application Issue


Hi, I am using your Java Spring Signature UI application. Please find the attachment. There are 2 issues. Can you please address them ?

Group docs Signature UI.png (254.2 KB)

  1. When we upload a document with more than 1 page, the left bar is overlapping with left part of the document. When we add any signatures, even this gets overlapped.
  2. Is there any option to add the signatures in all the pages at one shot instead of adding on each page every time manually ?



We are able to reproduce this issue when running the application in Google Chrome with 90% Zoom level. The issue has been logged into the GitHub issues as for further investigation.

We have logged it as a new feature request on GitHub as We shall keep you informed as soon as we have any updates regarding the addition of this option.


Hi, Thanks for the update. Would it be possible to let me know which files in the Java Spring UI Signature project gets changed once the fix is done ?



Yes, it is always possible to track the changes since we create a separate commit against each fix on the GitHub.

Furthermore, the issue of the overlapped document page (logged as issue#33) has been fixed. You can see the changes in this commit.


Hi, Thanks for the update. Can you please let me know if #Issue 32 has been fixed ?



I am afraid that at the moment the feature requested in issue#32 is not implemented. However, as soon as we get any updates, we’ll share that with you.


Hi, Can you please let me know if #Issue 32 has been fixed ?



Your requested feature is not implemented yet, however, we’ll share the updates with you very soon.