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Issues in html table to pptx conversion using Java

We found another issue in downloaded pptx file, in Table grid if we edit the text box with more characters & text box size increases, we need to move all other nearby text boxes to adjust the formatting to fit the view. Text overflows from the grid and shows distorted view. Moving the content of table is also tedious as person has to select complete text to move from one place to another.
Appreciate your quick response and also any update on previous issue ?

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The issue with table data is that the content in the HTML file looks like a table, but in fact is built from absolutely positioned <div> . That is why data overflows. Such type of content is not supported by the API.

Please advise how we can resolve this issue, this seems to a major road blocker before we proceed with using this tool ?, currently our downloaded pptx is not conveniently editable by users. If we buy the license then will you able to add this feature in the tool and also share ETA for adding it? Also kindly update any progress on previous issue.


As far as this issue is concerned, we already briefed on this here.
However, CONVERSIONJAVA-1256 (issue) is still under investigation.


Could you please specify the API version that you are using (e.g. 20.10, 21.1)? Also, share the code that you wrote for the conversion process.

Hi, we are using Group docs jar file(20.2) and not the API.
Kindly advise which jar version has this fix available


Could you please also share the sample code?

We cannot reproduce CONVERSIONJAVA-1256 using latest JAR. You can also try JAR version 21.1.

Sure, let me check with latest jar.
Also below is the Java code which we are using for converting of HTML to pptx

try {
File file = ResourceUtils.getFile(“classpath:GroupDocs.Conversion.Java.lic”);
InputStream stream = new FileInputStream(ResourceUtils.getFile(“classpath:GroupDocs.Conversion.Java.lic”));
if (file.exists())
License license = new License();

 System.out.println("License set successfully.");

System.out.print("\nWe do not ship any license with this example. " +
"\nVisit the GroupDocs site to obtain either a temporary or permanent license. " +
"\nLearn more about licensing at " +
"\nLear how to request temporary license at");

	OutputStream outputStream = response.getOutputStream();
	response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment;filename=\"" + pptName + ".ppt\"");

PresentationConvertOptions options = new PresentationConvertOptions();

InputStream inputStream = IOUtils.toInputStream(pptReport.getHtml(), StandardCharsets.UTF_8);
Converter converter = new Converter(inputStream);

responseEntity = new ResponseEntity(HttpStatus.OK);

Sorry missed your mail earlier


Please add 21.1 in your application. If you still face issue, we’d recommend you to share the sample application with us.

I have added 21.1 in our application, but we are still seeing data overflow issue. I will share you our application code shortly. How to check “CONVERSIONJAVA-1256” what issue is mentioned in this one?


This ticket is about this issue you mentioned here. But we cannot reproduce it at our end. Therefore, we need a sample application.

We’ll then further look into it.

Pls find attach application code for reference. Data overflow issue still exists with latest jar file (2.0 MB)

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Thank you for the sample application. We’ll further investigate it and let you know as there’s any update.


Please have a look at this (102.4 KB) and let us know if this is the correct one.

Sorry but this also having one Grid and for text many different small components. Moving them is tedious task. I am sharing you one attached expected output for Grid. Its a single component with embedded text and table. You can try moving it through page. Its just 1 component only. This is the solution we are looking for. (908.9 KB)


We’re investigating the expected output and you’ll be notified about the possible outcomes.


If we buy the $400 paid support, will it help to prioritize issue and faster resolution?


Yes, if you avail paid support. Your issue will be handled with priority.

Please advice how much paid support will cost?
Also advise which option we should select.