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Make comparison a read-only



I need the comparison tool to be read only that will make the functionality a purely informational.

How can I hide the right column? Please see attached screenshot.




Hello Leo,

It is an interesting coincidence: the same question was asked yesterday - another user was wondering how to disable merge functionality. So, perhaps, my answer will be useful for you too: “Possibility to use the web view for differences in documents without the merge functionality?” Please let us know if you mean something different and we have misunderstood.



Thanks, Denis.

Yes, I want exactly what lars.olsson wants to accomplish.

Would a UI-level work around suffice? Basically, force-hidding the placeholder elements.




Hello Leo,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs.Comparison library. Yes, since you need to customize the UI the solution that we suggested to Lars is a best way to achieve the goal.

Thank you.


Hi Pavel,

Do you think you can add a configuration to simply display the comparison?
The article is too general for me to make it to work within the timeframe I have.

Ideally only removed the accept/reject functionality.





Hi Leo,

Thank you for coming back. You can disable this panel with few lines of CSS code:

#comparison-sidebar {
display: none !important

Simply add it to the head section of the Comparison web page.

Thank you.