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Points we are looking in this tool



Even I am facing the same problem.
The attachment are not fully visible if the email is big.
Can you provide full version for GroupDocs.Viewer .NET Library for 30 day as trial.
Your trial version only show 2 pages.

Following are the points we are looking in this tool.

1. Email with different types of attachments (pdf,excel,word,csv,attached image as well as inline images) should be able to read.

2.I am sharing the 2 eml file.We want to read different format of email attachment with in the eml file and if the email is big we need to read the trail mail also.
3.Can we convert the eml file to pfd file.

4. Can we provide the access control based on the role for downloading the file in the email.

Prajakta Patil


Hello Prajakta,

Thank you for the request. Please follow these steps to get 30 days trial license.

As for the points you need:

1. Yes.
2. Sorry but I’m afraid I don’t get you, could you please clarify what you mean under “we need to read the trail mail also”?
3. To convert files you will also need our GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET library. For all supported conversion variants please check this table.
4. If I understand you correct you need to manage user rights and he have appropriate access rights - allow him to download the email. If yes, we have feature will allow to enable/disable download button in the Viewer dashboard. You simply need to set true or false for the .ShowDownload() property of the widget.

Best regards.



i have applied this license by still unable to see attached files in the email.I am just getting the attachment name.


Hi again,

I’m sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please share with me the screenshot of it and additional info such as:
1. Which browser you use?
2. Code examples of the Viewer initializing, Viewer widget and web.config
3. Version of the Viewer library.
4. Framework version.
5. Does you have tried to view the same eml file that you shared above or another one, if another - please share it?

Thank you.

. I have applied the Temporary license for GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET still getting
error and we are able to read 2 pages

1. I am using internet explorer 11 browser
2. I am not able to attached the sample code as i am getting surver error
3. 3.0
4. We are using .net 4.0
5. Yes same emails we are trying to read

T have attached web config and Temporary license for GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET



You have shared that you use Viewer library 3.0 version, sorry but are you sure that you use this version because 3.0 version wasn’t released yet, the latest one is 2.19.0.

Thank you.


Viewer library GroupDocs.Viewer_2.18.0-NET

3.0 is LicenseVersion.

I have tried with different library GroupDocs.Viewer 2.19.0 ,but still unable to view attachment file and it is showing only two pages of the email with Message.



To be able to help you I need example of your code, with out it I can’t reproduce the issue.

Thank you.



My code folder is of 45mb.
I am getting server error while uploading the rar file.
I have send the error screen short.
Kindly help



You can use any cloud storage for sharing the code. For example Google drive, DropBox etc. Simply upload your files there and share the link via which I can download them.

Thank you.



I have attached the code .
We are using GroupDocs.Viewer_2.19.0-NET DLL
and newtonsoft.json.



We are using trial version of Groupdocs and want to read the eml file stored in the ftp path.
Can we read the file directly from the Ftp.
Kindly Guide .

We are using below code :

using (FileStream fileStream = new FileStream(Server.MapPath(“EML/Test1.eml”), FileMode.Open))
//test Attachment 21 1 2016

inlineDocPreviewScript = Viewer.ClientCode()
.Stream(fileStream, “one”, “eml”)





Thank you for the example. I have tried to reproduce the issue with your code and newtonsoft.json - all works well for me, I can see all attachements. Since that I can assume that something wrong with your trial license, could you please share it with me?

Also does you run the application on the IIS server or on the Visual Studio Development server and which version you use of the IIS (if you run the application on it)?

Thank you.



Thank you for the question. Yes, you can open documents directly via URL. For this you should use Url(string url, string filename, string userName, string password, string domain) option.

More info about it you can find here.

Best regards.



I have hosted this example code on IIS 7.5 and I am getting error on IIS.
I am attaching the screen short of error and trial license .
Kindly check.



I have checked your trial license and all works well for me. Please try to use attached Web.config file and make sure that the IIS user has read access to the folder with the license file.

Best regards.

It is working now.
Can you give the code of
1. Converting the eml file into pdf with attachments in the eml file while downloading .
We have used the following method but it is not working.

2. We have send different types of attachments and in email and viewed in groupdocs.
Can we get names of Attachments above the attachment .
All the attachment are seen one below another and we are unable to get exact attachment.
I have attached the email.
3. Can we open the attached file in different link instead of showing it in the viewer.

4. Getting same error when hosted site in the IIS .



We are trying to read the eml file from ftp location.We are getting error as the trial License expired.Can you please resend the trial License again .



Glad to hear that it works now. As I said earlier for file conversion you will need GroupDocs.Conversion library and the code examples you can find here. Also the documentation for the library is here.

As for the IIS error - the reason of it described in the error message you just need to check carefuly your web.config for specified elements and change them to true or remove.

Best regards.



To get the new trial license please follow these steps.

Best regards.