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Viewing / annotating fails on file uploaded via API


I´m using the API to upload a PDF-file and move it (renamed) to the groupdocs repository. After that the file is displayed on the dashboard as desired, so the process seems to be finished successfully.

But when opening the document with the viewer or the annotating-tool I get an error message displayed, saying

Could not find a part of the path ‘E:\inetpub\wwwapi\v2.0\App_Data\188709\temp\Cache\c7dc6a7aab2483a27ad87d8290150dbe4ab3fa333b984fbe7be027781bafdfb3@x.Pdf\page_0.jpg’.

The file-ID corresponds to the ID I received through the API, so it is definitely my file.

The same PDF-Dokument uploaded via the dashboard opens without any problem.

Thank you for any hint in this case …


@schlueter Could you please share with us your GroupDocs account email that we can check the logs.

Best regards.

Of course. It´s

Hi @schlueter Thank you. We will check your account logs and then return to you.

Hi @schlueter We have checked your account logs and there is no any issues and also We have tried to reproduce the issue but unfortunately We can’t. Since that could you please share the code source example.

Thank you.

I´m using the API through PHP. The following lines of code are used to create a folder, upload a PDF-file and then move and rename the uploaded file to the freshly created folder.

$signer = new GroupDocsRequestSigner($privateKey);

$apiClient = new APIClient($signer);

$mgmtApi = new MgmtApi($apiClient);
$antApi = new AntApi($apiClient);
$storageApi = new StorageApi($apiClient);

$basePath = '';


$createFolder = $storageApi->Create($clientId, "online-trainings");

$uploadResult = $storageApi->UploadWeb($clientId, "https://...../dummy_03.pdf");

$id = $uploadResult->result->id;

$moveFile = $storageApi->MoveFile($clientId, 'online-trainings/dummy_03_renamed.pdf', NULL, $id, NULL);

The script runs without problems and the uploaded file can be found via the dashboard - but opening it with the viewer results in an error-message like this:

Could not find a part of the path 'E:\inetpub\wwwapi\v2.0\App_Data\188709\temp\Cache\718c134...8c6b\@x.Pdf\page_0.jpg'.

The very same file uploaded to the same folder via the dashboard´s “Upload”-button works as expected …

Hi @schlueter Thank you for the code example. I was able to reproduce the issue and created a bug ticket for it. When it will be fixed you will be notified here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Pavel,

it´s a week ago I heard from you - something new this case?
The API-Upload from HTTP-source is an essential key feature for my use case, so it is very important for me to know if there will be a fix for this bug in the next two, maybe three weeks. In an older forum post (from 2016) the same problem is described but the bug still exists…?!

Looking forward to your reply

Hi @schlueter Unfortunatly the issue is not resolved yet. I will ask our Product team for ETA and then return to you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi again, I have discussed ETA for this issue and our Product team will work on it next week. I will notify you when it will be ready.

Best regards.

Thank you very much for your efforts!

Hi Pavel,
has here been any progress concerning my problem?

Hi @schlueter Unfortunately the issue is not resolved yet in the production. Our Product team will work on it in the production tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


time is running out for me! I have an an existing project based on a platform which ist EOL in February 2018 and need a replacement.

I really would like to switch to Groupdocs due to the great features the annotating tool offers. But waiting for a bugfix and getting just no information is not a very satisfying experience…

Hi @schlueter I’m sorry for the delay and I understand that you need this issue to be fixed ASAP. As you know resolving of the issues in a live products is not a simple task and releases can’t be done every day. Please be patient and we will release the fix ASAP and notify you here.
Since this issue is related only to the documents uploaded from the Web, you can try to use such temporary workaround:

  1. Download the file to some temporary storage in your application.
  2. Upload it to the GroupDocs
  3. Delete it locally.
  4. Do all you need with it - view, annotate, move/rename etc.
    The main idea here is to avoid direct uploading of the Web document to the GroupDocs.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @schlueter I’m glad to notify you that the issue is resolved. Please try again and notify us with the results.

Best regards.

Thank you for effort and your message. Unfortunately, it still does not work for me.

Any document uploaded via API from an web-source and moved to another, freshly created folder will fail to open in the viewer or the annotating tool. Additionally, when trying to download that file via the dashboard, i get just an empty (0 Byte) .txt-file in my local “downloads”-directory instead of an .pdf-file.

Any other operation (e.g. conversion to .tiff) on the file fails, too.

As uploading from a http-source is essential for my application, i am currently not able to use groupdocs.

Hi @schlueter I was able to reproduce the issue. Will provide additional investigation and fixing and return to you shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @schlueter Sorry for the delay. We have resolved the issue and the release will be done in the beginning of the next week. I will notify you when it will be ready.

Best regards.

I don´t want to appear somehow impatient … but is there any news for me?