Document conversion is hanging using Java

We are encountering the same issue (documents hanging during conversion) while converting various file formats such as .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, etc., into PDFs. This issue is occurring only in our production environment (which primarily runs on ELB), not locally. Additionally, please note that we recently upgraded from version 22.8.1 to 23.11.1.

Hi @Mahesh_Amle, we are working on it. It seems to be some problem with a directory tree iterating. I will update you when we fix IT.

Hi @Mahesh_Amle
We are also facing the same issue , could you please help us that which file system you are using ?
We also switched to 22.8.1 to 24.1 version .
This issue is occurring since 23.6.1 version for us.

Hi @sandeepsuthari , @Mahesh_Amle
Can you please try this jar and share the log?

Hi @vsevolod.orefin
Thanks for sharing the jar with us. We’ve been trying it out locally, but we’re facing some issues with MSG and EML files when converting them into PDFs. Specifically, the images aren’t showing properly on the converted PDFs; instead, we’re seeing some cross marks in place of the images. Could you provide any insights or suggestions on this? Also attached are screenshots of the image present in the original msg file and in the converted PDF file using this jar.
Original Image in MSG file.PNG (64.1 KB)

Image in converted pdf file.PNG (2.2 KB)

Can you please attach an eml file also?
And to reproduce the issue, I think you should try to do it on the machine where you already had the problem.

Hello @vsevolod.orefin
Please find the MSG file


Thanks @Mahesh_Amle , I will check and update you.

Hi @vsevolod.orefin do you have any update on this?

@Mahesh_Amle I’m still working on it